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Sights & Sounds

Our Vehicles
An ambulance corps cannot exist without a fleet of emergency response vehicles. Allow us to introduce our "team."

Our oldest serving ambulance was replaced by this new model in the picture. Primarily third out, A1007 is a Ford 2004 E350 Type II Van. A1007 is a four wheel drive ambulance, and can operate on the beaches of Sea Isle City. NJ Reg. NF23700. A1007 is dedicated to SIAC EMT Dottie Fean. Dottie has been a member of the Sea Isle Ambulance Corps since 1959, and became a life member of the Corps in 1974. Still active to this day, Dottie also serves as the Corps Chaplin.

Like all SIAC vehicles, A1007 is equipped with a semi-automatic external defibrillator (SAED) along with its regular compliment of life saving gear.



Rescue 1
Our first responder vehicle. The original Rescue 1 was a 1988 Ford Bronco, purchased from the Laricks family in 1998 and converted for squad use. Replaced in 2001 with a more modern vehicle, Rescue 1 is a 2002 Ford Explorer outfitted with emergency supplies by VCI. Like its predecessor, the current Rescue 1 is a four wheel drive vehicle, making it a useful tool for beach rescue situations.
In addition to its portable equipment, Rescue 1 carries a semi-automatic external defibrillator for cardiac emergencies, providing SIAC with the ability to bring this life saving technology virtually to the waters edge in the event of incidents on the beach.
Rescue 1 is shown here on the beach in action at the 2002 Sea Isle City Polar Bear Plunge.

Asst. Chief Linn trying to measure up to "Big Foot"!!


A1008 & A1009
Our newest and most advanced ambulances are A1008 and A1009. Aptly nicknamed the Twins, these units are virtually identical in all respects. A1009 is a 2006 Ford E350, NJ Reg. NF10196. A Horton Emergency Vehicle, A1009 is a Type III ambulance. Purchased from VCI. A1008 is the "newest" addition to our fleet. A1008 is a 2010 Ford E350, Type III ambulance, configured almost identically to A1009. A1008 is dedicated in memory of Gerard Desiderio, one of our most active members. NJ Reg. NF16196. Also from VCI.
Both of these box-style ambulances are equipped with state of the art technology to assist the Sea Isle Ambulance Corps EMTs perform their life saving duties. Each ambulance is outfitted with a semi-automatic external defibrillator (SAED), oxygen therapy devices, portable and on-board suction, personal protective equipment, and pediatric supplies.

Rescue One
Always Ready!

SIAC Tones
Click here to download and hear our "all call" tones, the sound that alerts Ambulance Corps members to a request for assitance. (The golden tones of the dispatcher belong to SIAC member Daron Laricks, NJEMT-D!!)   This file is in Real Audio Format.  Need a copy of the FREE Real Player, visit