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Officers and Members

Members of the Sea Isle Ambulance Corps.


Administrative Officers

President: Bernard A. Becker, NJEMT-B #200
Vice-President: Daron Laricks, NJEMT-B/FF #201
Treasurer: Grace Felix
Ass't Treasurer:
Mae McGarr
, NJEMT-B #61
Secretary: Victoria Rutledge, NJEMT-B #57

Ass't Secretary: Georgeann Corson, NJEMT-B

Operations Officers

Chief: Phyllis Linn, NJEMT-B #A1000
Ass't Chief: Kristine Lynch, NJEMT-B #A1001
Lieut/Oxygen Officer: Herb Porter, Jr., NJEMT-B/FF #A1002
Lieut/Training Officer: Mary Romano, NJEMT-B #A1003

Sgt/Buildings Officer: Patrick Lynch, NJEMT-B/FF #A1004
Sgt/Supplies Officer: Judy Efaw Beyer, NJEMT-B #A1005
Sgt/Vehicles Officer: John McCann, ARCFA #A1006

Board of Trustees

James B. Arsenault, Jr., NJEMT-B #75
Sandy Cistone
, NJEMT-B #52
James Ambro, NJEMT-B
Dorothy Fean, NJEMT-B/Chaplin #48
James Duross, NJEMT-B

Jon Gansert, NJEMT-B

Karen Porter, NJEMT-B #55
Bernard A. Becker, NJEMT-B, Pres./Ex Officio #200

Daron Laricks, NJEMT-B/FF, Vice-Pres./Ex Officio #201
Phyllis Linn, NJEMT-B, Chief/Ex Officio #A1000
Kristine Lynch, NJEMT-B, Ass.t Chief/Ex Officio #A1001
Victoria Rutledge, NJEMT-B, Secretary to the Board #57


 Dorothy Fean, NJEMT-B, Chaplain


The following members have attained life membership upon completing fifteen (15) years of service.  The year following their name indicates the year they became life members.
Dorothy Fean, NJEMT-D (1974)
John S. Foose III, NJEMT-D (1996)
Daniel L. Ford, NJEMT-D (1997)
Bernard A. Becker, NJEMT-D (1997)
Carole M. Synder, NJEMT-D (1997)
Phyllis A. Linn, NEMT-D (1998)
Marybeth Town, RN (2000)
William "Bud" Dowling (2001)
Donnamaria Raffa, NJEMT-D (2001)
Eileen Fean (2001)
Leanna "Mae" McGarr, NJEMT-D (2003)
Dennis R. Felsing, Sr., NJEMT-D (2003)
Jon Gansert, NJEMT-D (2003)
Elizabeth Bergus, NJEMT-D (2004)
Judy Efaw, NJEMT-D (2005)
Paul E. Short Sr., NJEMT-D/FF (2006)
Kristine Lynch, NJEMT-D (2006)
Patrick Lynch, NJEMT-D (2006)
Herbert Porter, NJEMT-D/FF (2006)
James B. Arsenault, NJEMT-D (2007)
Brian Teefy, NJEMT-D (2007)
Daron Laricks, NJEMT-D/FF (2009)
Vicky Pittaluga, ARCFA (2010)
Leonard C. Desiderio, ARCFA (2011)
Sandy Cistone, NJEMT-B (2012)